Tips for an energised office

The style and feel of a workplace are important and reflects the way work is carried out there. We spend a lot of our lives in our offices, either at work or in our office at home. A neglected work environment can have a negative impact on anyone working in it. By applying a few simple changes, you could improve your own and your co-worker’s well-being.

The ancient Chinese principle of Feng Shui (pronounced Fung Shway) is the art and science of arranging physical objects to attract positive energy. The belief that the way objects, like our desks, are placed in an office will affect the flow of life force and energy, known as chi. Anyone within a space where energy can flow easily will get a boost of positive energy.

The addition of natural elements like indoor green plants, light and physical movement to an office environment can boost an employee’s health, happiness and productivity. This is because there are energy fields all around us, all the time. If your working space has good Feng Shui, the energy will be nourished, and everyone will be able to feel the positive vibes.

It’s not always possible to re-arrange a whole office of course, so creating a peaceful, harmonious space for employees to just simply ‘be’ for a while will help to keep them energised throughout the whole day. A space like this may feature a Snake Plant and Himalayan Salt Lamp to clean the air and use skin tone colours to promote a sense of calm.

Strong Feng Shui

Rethink the positioning of your desk and de-clutter to make way for abundance and opportunity to come your way. Remove any blockers of energy like rubbish and dirty cups. Adopting a Commanding Position means picking a spot where you can see the door (although not aligned with it) and making sure you have background support like a solid wall, and are facing outwards, never having your back to a door. Keep your energy strong in meetings by picking your Commanding Position furthest away from the door, facing towards it.

Our surroundings have a deep impact on us whether we realise it or not. So, whether you choose to apply Feng Shui to your office or simply make a few small changes by de-cluttering and deep cleaning, the benefits are significant to you and your employees emotional and physical health.

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