The art of communication

The art of communication

As entrepreneur Seth Godin says “The reason it seems that price is all your customers care about is that you haven’t given them anything else to care about.” If that sums up how you feel about your customers then the great news is you have a huge opportunity in front of you to grow your business! Using clever marketing communications you will be able to connect with your customers on a much deeper level and stand out in your market to anyone looking for your products or services.

Shared values & a common sense of purpose

According to The Future of Business, as intelligent devices take over routine tasks we are increasingly moving our attention beyond knowledge to focus on values, beliefs, ethos and other higher levels of thought. Really, what choice to do we have if we are all operating to a similar standard due to automation? Then we must find other ways to bring individuality, meaning and depth to our offering.

People tend to be motivated by shared values and a common sense of purpose, attaching themselves to brands that suit their personalities, even helping them to express best who they are. Therefore if your marketing messaging doesn’t do your business justice, it won’t resonate with your target audience leaving them unable to ‘get’ what you have to offer and how you offer it.

What is your unique value proposition?

When you first think about marketing you likely think of your customers straight away, but you do have a market much closer to home to engage with first – your employees. The very people who make your brand come alive to your customers. Employees should be connected to your brand but they often don’t fully understand what you are promising to your customers, so how can they talk about it in a consistent, confident way when all they can do is come to their own conclusion of what they think it is.

So what is your unique value proposition? What value do your employees get from working at your organisation? And what value do your customers get from working with you or using your products?

Marketing, in its true sense, is the art of creating genuine customer value. Making people better off through using your product or service. It is not selling. Selling starts when you have something to offer. Marketing starts way before then, through research and understanding the marketplace you are in, or planning to enter.

Connect authentically

Most of us in business have a logo and some form of a website, therefore we have a brand. And people have a perception of your business because of that visual branding whether you like it or not, that is not optional. How you choose to manage and market that brand however is a viable option.

As a blog by the business guru Tom Peters says, ‘Anyone can have a website these days and because of that anyone does!’ So how are you going to get people to choose your business from the colossal number of websites and content? The answer lies in not just communicating transactionally what you are offering, but articulating the essence of your organisation, its beliefs, ethos and being able to reach out and connect authentically with people who come into contact with your brand.

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