Silence is NOT golden: Why communication is so powerful in organisations

We know ourselves in personal relationships, we are drawn to those who understand us the best; people who value us and just seem to ‘get’ us. We get along, not necessarily because we share the same personality traits, although we probably do share (consciously or unconsciously) certain values. So, the connection is made, and we can often go on to maintain and nourish that important relationship using any number of ways to stay in touch that suit us both the best; all being some form of interaction and communication.

It really is no different when it comes to people inside the workplace, although the reality seems to be very different in work life in terms of how much effort is put towards work relationships. How much energy do we dedicate to forming better relationships with our colleagues, actively looking to improve communication between teams, or with someone we might find difficult to interact with? Perhaps only following an incident of conflict, or when a serious error has occurred in a process. Instances that are mostly avoidable when there is a focus on effective teamwork.

Employees often get treated like expendable small cogs in a big machine and not like human beings with feelings and thoughts and ideas of their very own that could contribute to the growth of company. Good communication in a business at all levels is vital for strong relationships, it allows businesses to be productive and people are generally happier if they feel valued, involved and can interact well up and down the communication chain of where they work.

Creating real harmony or managing conflict in the workplace requires a degree of empathy from owners and managers and when we empathise it feels good (with very good reason as empathising boosts the feel-good chemical Oxytocin in our brains). In the same vein, by operating a culture of inclusivity and care, you are helping people to feel good about themselves, which we all tend to do when we think somebody is looking out for our welfare and value our opinion. You will be helping your team to feel included, with a real sense of belonging. Imagine the transformation from a teamwork point of view if everyone felt they could be totally themselves, trusted their colleagues not to judge, snipe or make unhelpful comments. Organisational culture and teamwork are THE most difficult thing for a competitor to replicate and will give you an edge, it is also a proven recipe for loyalty.

An excellent way to improve teamwork and communication in general within an organisation is to build strategies to improve and enrich relationships. To do this, we first need to better understand ourselves and how we can be more effective when working with others. Also learning how to appreciate and celebrate the differences of others, consciously adapting our own behaviours to improve relationships. Everything DiSC is a psychometric profiling tool which helps people to become more self-aware and connect with other people on a much deeper and different level, improving the quality of the workplace overall. The returns will be felt company-wide and are easily measurable through conducting culture surveys. (You can read more on this here).

How would you and your employees rate communication inside of your organisation on a scale of 1 to 10?

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