Do I really need a logo for my business?

Do I really need a logo for my business? 2018-02-21T15:29:24+00:00
Ask nxoCategory: QuestionsDo I really need a logo for my business?
Gary Black asked 3 years ago
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Debbie Smith Staff answered 3 years ago

Yes you do, especially if you have ambitions to grow your business! A logo and in fact your whole brand identity is a vital differentiator and plays the role of a great influencer of choice by acting as a short-cut in the decision making process of customers. To remain relevant and thrive, the correct positioning of your brand acts as a catalyst to fit neatly into the future landscape. Making your company brand meaningful to your employees and customers will be an investment worth making. Though a brand is so much more than a logo, it is an identity which shapes your entire business, visually representing everything it stands for. Is your brand doing you justice? We take a strategic approach to branding and can work with you to build it from the recognition stage as a ‘brand idea’ to its coming to life as a ‘launch brand’ and on to being a ‘living brand’ in real market conditions. I hope this answers your question and do get in touch if we can help you further.