Evolution for the Construction Industry

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Evolution for the Construction Industry

nxoCommunications have helped us to strategically focus on our marketing activites at Readyfix. We have also worked with nxoCommunications on a rebrand which included a detailed review of our current situation and where we wanted to be, resulting in a fresh new logo, a formation of our brand promises and overall modernising the way our customers and even our own employees see us as a company. Working with nxoCommunications has helped us move from strength to strength in business and the culture at Readyfix is now the best it’s ever been.”

Greig Burwood, Managing Director, Readyfix

“Through working with nxoCommunications on our marketing planning we have built an effective strategy for the continued growth of our business. We have clear short-term and longer-term marketing objectives to work to and we’re starting to enjoy more leads into the business as a result.”

David Walker, Managing Director, Walker Electrical.

Opportunity for change

A great service will speak for itself – to an extent – but sectors evolve, and a brand that was relevant a few years ago may not fit quite as well into today’s market. The Construction Contracting Industry is a prime example; the industry is set for a significant shift in skills and knowledge requirements driven by technology and demand for energy efficiency services. Failure to take the initiative could lead to replacement by forward-thinking contractors and even alternative trades ready to embrace the opportunities as they present themselves.

To remain relevant and thrive, the repositioning of your brand would be the catalyst needed to fit neatly into the future landscape. This means making your brand more meaningful to the markets you would be looking to enter, refinements in your portfolio of services and the formation of the skill-sets required.


One of the most effective methods in any successful sale is to appeal to your customers by demonstrating you are going to provide them exactly what they need in a supplier to successfully complete the job in question. This is where the appropriate marketing of your company comes in to play. Do you present all your capabilities well and are they clear enough for your customers to understand sufficiently to be able to consider you?

Shaping an effective marketing strategy starts with being clear on the current market situation, identifying the opportunities and preparing for the risks, scenario planning for the shape that the industry is taking. The development of a future-proof strategy will ensure your business is offering the required portfolio of services underpinned by the necessary skilled workforce and is supported by the most effective communications possible which allow your prospects and customers to understand just exactly what value working with your company will deliver for them.

With a structured communications plan you will be able to define exactly who you want to work with; what kind of work to focus your time on winning; who you need to be talking to and what to say about yourself to ensure you are chosen over your competition when you do reach them. In addition to that, when curious customers do look you up, you visually meet their expectations.

Behave like the company you want to be, even if you are a year or two away from it. Having a vision and a firm idea of the direction you will take your business in and improving your branding, marketing and communications will have a significant impact on the performance of your company.


Working with nxoCommunications following our unique MAP methodology, your business will be able to take huge steps towards achieving its ambitions. Forming a value proposition, visually improving your brand and developing a winning marketing strategy will ensure you help your customers to choose the best company for the job, time and again.

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