Make mine a large one!

Fresh from reading the compelling Future 100 – 2019 Report published by The Innovation Group, the topic that made me smile the most has to be the increasing humanisation our beloved companion pets.

“Pets are becoming much more than just pets to us. They’re family now and that is driving demand for a large array of products designed to ‘humanize’ pets,” said Brandon Zavala, Founder of Apollo Peak.

Apollo Peak has been brewing innovative pet beverages since 2015 and has created a selection of “wines” for cats and dogs. Cats can enjoy cheeky little numbers like Catbernet, MosCATo and White Kittendel, while the more discerning pooch can choose from Zinfantail, Malbark or Chardognay.

The Smith & Whistle bar in London’s Sheraton Grand hotel now offer canine-friendly drinky-poos from their “dogtail” menu which includes the Poochy Colada, a blend of coconut water, kale and broccoli. Nice.

Consumers are willing to spend on treats for their pets and invest plenty in keeping them alive and well. The pet economy is booming and set to extend further this year.

Creativity and innovation in any sector are the key to uniqueness, being relevant and appealing to the ever-changing market. Understanding the drivers for change in the industry your business operates in will ensure that when the time is right to adapt it is in the best possible position to do so, capitalising on the opportunities presented.

How will you know when the time is right for your business to re-think its strategy and evolve?

Cheryl Jones
Managing Director, nxoCommunications Ltd.

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