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Good looks AND a great personality

A strong brand has its own unique character, visual look and feel, tone of voice and a way of behaving. It is a living and breathing thing with its own personality, allowing you to communicate in a consistent way which doesn’t drift away from the core offer and heart of your business.

Branding provides a vital differentiator and plays the role of a great influencer of choice by acting as a short-cut in the decision making process of customers, if done effectively. Whether it’s the first initial branding idea, a re-branding or re-positioning of your company in the evolving market, your brand is a source of promise to your customers that must be reinforced every time they come into contact with any aspect of your organisation and the people within it.

By developing a clear understanding of the core values of the company, supported by a strong vision, values and mission; branding allows you to visualise the core beliefs and values that will deliver the desired positioning of your business successfully and powerfully.

In today’s fast-paced world, sectors evolve and you may find your proposition not fitting quite as well into today’s market. To remain relevant and thrive, the correct positioning of your brand acts as a catalyst to fit neatly into the future landscape. Making your company brand more meaningful to your employees and customers will be an investment worth making.

A brand is so much more than a logo, it is an identity which shapes your entire business, visually representing everything it stands for. Is your brand doing you justice? nxoCommunications take a strategic approach to branding and will work with you to build it from the recognition stage as a ‘brand idea’ to its coming to life as a ‘launch brand’ and on to being a ‘living brand’ in real market conditions.

What does your digital footprint say about you?

As it becomes increasingly important to differentiate your business, digital offers an immediate and cost effective avenue for reaching and engaging with both potential and existing customers, whilst adding real value to your brand through strengthening its online presence.

A strong digital presence creates demand for your business. Through writing and sharing compelling content and by utilising the most effective digital channels we can generate quality leads for your business through increased search rankings and a desire to find out more.

nxoCommunications can positively influence the returns you get from digital marketing and dramatically improve social media presence, build brand awareness and forge relationships through regular relevant posts and engagement.

Through a successful digital consultation and qualified experts on the task, your business can start to receive the traffic it deserves.

Digital Marketing Support SEO, Social Media, Content, Blogging in Lancashire and the North West

Our digital capabilities will:

  • Create brand awareness

  • Improve the likelihood of lead conversion and offer a stronger user experience

  • Encourage customer confidence

  • Create credibility

  • Create and maintain trust within your sector

  • Showcase your business as a market leader

  • Create engaging content that adds value to your target audience

  • Deliver strategies that drive traffic to your website

A carefully constructed digital strategy, campaign and presence will create great potential for your business. We can ensure that your brand’s digital strategy creates a footprint that is robust and attractive to the clients who really matter.

Aren’t you curious?

Market Research provides an important starting point and lays down solid foundations for making many key strategic decisions. Gut feel is a valuable thing and can sometimes be right, however, true insight and understanding will help you make much more informed decisions, reducing the risk factor because you are in the know.

Research will help to significantly improve brand loyalty, customer service and value, employee engagement levels and all communications.

Employee Research

Having an appropriate organisational culture is proven to contribute heavily towards improving productivity. Employees play a vital role in shaping and developing your business. Employee research can give an accurate picture of what is happening in a business right now, uncovering strengths and areas for attention and focus.

The findings will allow you to move forward with certainty. By understanding both positive and negative perceptions, you may be able to improve relationships and performance. nxoCommunications will guide you through the process and act an objective party to report on the results and interpret the findings to pave the way towards developing a team with spirit and passion to succeed.


Customer insight

Customer research can provide the understanding to why customers use your product or service and what they think of your business. Insight can ensure a true account on the standard of your customer service, so nxoCommunications will speak to those who have had first-hand experience – the customers themselves. Customer insight will help to understand; satisfaction drivers, customer expectations, why your customers choose you, suggestions for improvement and if your customers would recommend you. This customer insight will enable us to identify areas for improvement and make recommendations accordingly to build your business.

There are many reasons to use research to improve and grow your business, don’t rely on your gut feel to make critical business decisions. Aren’t you curious to know for sure how to build your business?

Developing a marketing strategy

Marketing is the art of creating genuine customer value – it is not selling, it is about making customers better off through using your products and services. Selling starts when you have a product. Marketing starts way before then, through research and understanding the marketplace you are in or about to enter.

As the saying goes; fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Preparedness through strategic planning is critical if a business is serious about growth. The financial waste associated with a scattergun approach towards your marketing could be remedied by setting clear goals and objectives and devising a marketing strategy that brings structure and a measurable return on your marketing investment. The money wasted on sporadic marketing could be put to such good use by understanding the most effective marketing activity to invest it in.

Structuring a marketing plan will help you see how realistic and achievable your wishes are; after all, goals without any kind of a plan to show how you will get there will remain exactly that – wishes.

A business, whatever the size doesn’t need to employ a marketing specialist to achieve marketing success, of course. A credible marketing consultant will mentor, advise and upskill so an organisation is able to manage much of the activity in-house if the capacity to do so is there. Marketing of any kind is not a black art as some would have us believe, and once it is de-mystified you are able to understand the options available and make the right decisions for your business.

Working with a qualified expert will ensure that the way you articulate your brand and talk to your customers is consistently professional, effective and relevant; and also that you are actually reaching your intended audience and not wasting time and effort marketing to disinterested third parties. Customers have so much information to cut through these days, so making their buying decision as effortless as possible will ensure your products and services are chosen above the competition because what you are offering is the only real solution to their wants and needs. Unless your customer communications are cutting the mustard, you will lose out every time.

Invest time and resource today in planning for tomorrow, giving you and your team the direction, drive and impetus to allow your business to perform to its full potential.

Marketing Planning

The Planning Framework

  • Current position: Where you are now.
  • Mission, Values and Goals: What are you trying to achieve? Where do you want to be?
  • Differentiation: How and why are you different? Develop a unique value proposition to stand out.
  • Segmentation: Who are you working with and why? Who do you want to work with and bridge the gap.
  • Communication: Reach your customers effectively. How to stay on-message and connect in a consistent way with your audience.

We provide business support on a consultative basis at intervals that is best suited to your business; helping you to implement strategies and processes which will have the best possible impact on bottom line growth.

There are many benefits to bringing a marketing consultant into your business. It is a great way to access the skills and knowledge of a qualified marketer. Credible consultants like ourselves can bring a lot of value to the table and our work is a byproduct of our lengthy careers in the corporate sector working on all aspects of marketing before becoming consultants.

Taking an objective view, we are able to evaluate your current marketing efforts and give our honest feedback and advice. With our strategic approach we are able to guide a company through our proven planning methodology to scope out an integrated marketing plan by looking at where you are now and what you want to achieve and bridging the gaps.

Implementation of the strategy can be a challenge for many a business so we work with trusted, professional partners and even an organisations incumbent marketing agency to ensure things are delivered to the right standard, on time and within budget.

Working with a marketing consultant will ensure that things stay on track as it’s easy to experience ‘strategic drift’ in everyday business life, losing the focus on functions in a business that are not as strongly represented as others such as operations and sales.

Case Studies

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